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“Tayozhniy lekar” (Taiga Healer)

Alcohol content: 40% .
Volume: 0.1 l, 0.25 l and 0.5 l (bottle and the “flask”).
Appearance: dark brown color.
Flavor: spicy, slightly pungent.
Aroma: specific, complex without prevalence of any individual ingredients.

Beverage peculiarities: 26 natural herbal ingredients of high quality are included in the recipe of the balsam.

Contents: pine nut, rhodiola rosea, German chamomile, salvia, apple juice, dried red ash, black chokeberry, coffee, brandy, honey, colorant, fructose, glucose, ethyl alcohol rectified from food raw materials of superior purification, corrected drinking water, birch buds , yellow sweet clover, ginger plant, sandy everlasting, elecampane, maral root, peppermint, origanum, nutmeg, rum and pineapple essence.

Drinking advice: small amount of the balsam will add flavor and aroma to any drink.

- bronze medal at “Prodexpo-2008” International exhibition in Moscow
- golden medal at the 9th all-Russian Agro-Industrial Exhibition “Golden Autumn-2007” in Moscow