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The history of vermouth production is based on the love of our ancestors to flavor the wine with different aromatic herbs and resins. It is believed that the recipe of the present vermouth belongs to Hippocrates. This blended, fortified desert wine production technology involves aromatization with liquors made of various herbs possessing peculiar slightly bitter wormwood flavor. Vermouth production is a result of mixing specially prepared grape wine with aromatic herbs extract. After such blending vermouth is warmed up and then cooled. The process of maturation comes next.

Sweet vermouth is represented by two varieties: white and red ones with alcohol content of 16% and sugar 160g/dm3. The base of red vermouth is white grape winematerial with caramel added to a final product. White vermouth is similar to red one, it has the same amount of sugar. It is very soft, delicate with lesser bitterness and has beautiful golden-yellow color.