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“Tyoschin pogrebok” (Mother-in-Law’s Wine Cellar)

This democratic fruit wine is a perfect beverage for a good company. It is a high quality product at a reasonable price.

A wide flavor product line makes it possible to satisfy the taste need of different people. It is represented by the most popular kinds of wine among the consumers such as natural fruit sweet wine (plum, apricot, apple, pear and cherry).

The process of fruit wine production requires fermentation of reconstituted concentrated apple and other juices, which makes it possible to preserve familiar fresh fruit taste and aroma. Economic, updated and functional “Tetra Pak” and “Bag-in-box” packages allow both avoiding transportation losses and storing the product for a long period of time without quality reduction under the influence of external factors.

Moreover these types of packaging are equipped with a closing valve that prevents the air from penetrating inside the package avoiding wine oxidizing, which helps to store the product longer even after it has been opened.

Available packages of various volumes allow customers buying the needed amount of
their favorite beverage. Bright visual design makes it possible to distinguish the
beverage flavor