More than century-old traditions


The history of “ISHIMSKIY VINNO-VODOCHNIY ZAVOD” started at the end of the XIXth century, when a warehouse #6 was set up in Ishim of Tobolsk province. Later in 1902 it was permitted to bottle vodka there. In those times this Russian traditional alcohol drink production was totally in the government’s responsibility, that’s why both ethanol supply from Omsk and Kurgan and vodka bottling was totally controlled. In 1912 the company got the status of a distillery.

In early XXth century the assortment was not wide, it included “Nikolaevskaya” vodka in 3 liter bottles (1/4 of a bucket), in 1,3 liters vessels (so-called shtof) and in small bottles of 75 gvolume (one eighth part).

In 1939 “Moskovskaya osobaya” vodka was produced, and it became the icon of the distillery in the Soviet period. War occupied a very big and important chapter in the history book of Ishim distillery. During World War II the building of the plant was used for cartridge case production.

They even managed to equip and start a foundry, a carpentry, welding and electrical shops and a turnery practically in no time. Nevertheless the employees had opportunity to produce the “core product” or special alcohol paste for soldiers who fought at the front to warm up the food outdoors. After the war industrial production which was active at that time was reoriented in civil facilities manufacturing like kitchen cookers, furnace bars, stove lids etc. And only in 1950 the distillery acquired its original status of a factory producing alcohol drinks.

Assortment in the 60-70s was wide enough even for a contemporary consumer. It included “Vishnyovaya” and “Apelsinovaya” liquors, “Ryabina na konyake” fruit liquor, “Spotykach”, “Erofeich”, “Slivyanka”, “Limonnaya”, “Ternovaya” , “Ukrainskaya gorilka”, “Anisoviy likyor” vodka. At that period the number of produced items was more than 60. Production of syrups and juices concentrated on natural raw material started only in the 80s. Also they tried to produce mineral water. Specifically for its 90th anniversary in 1992 the distillery manufactured

“Ishimsky” registered balsam.
“ISHIMSKIY VINNO-VODOCHNIY ZAVOD” had a rich history, it went through hard times, but in fact it allowed the factory to realize its new possibilities. Thus the distillery started unique ceramic packaging production of its own. It was decided to fill balsams and natural Georgian wine in these packages, which moved these products upmarket. By the 100th anniversary which occurred in 2002 a new champagne workshop was opened, it was the birth of a new “Novera” trademark. A year later balsam lovers could try new products under the names of “Sibirsky standart” and “Tayozhniy lekar”. By the Tyumen region jubilee (2004) the distillery started production of new vodka which was originally called “Sibirskaya Elitnaya Luks” (“Siberian Elite Lux”). Such vivid adjectives were used not by chance, because this vodka production required using supreme quality grain alcohol only.

Nowadays “ISHIMSKIY VINNO-VODOCHNIY ZAVOD” continues manufacturing elite liquors and balsams on herbs, fermented wine, traditional high quality vodka and brandy. Only natural high quality raw materials, technologies and traditions are used for these products. The staff of the distillery believes this approach to be the secret that will help them to revive proper drinking culture.

Happy International Day of Older Persons


“ISHIMSKIY VINNO-VODOCHNIY ZAVOD” LLC congratulates with International Day of Older Persons!

You’ve lived a long life, a lot have been seen, heard and said. We wish time would go slower for you to enjoy it more, be healthy and young in spirit! Administration and HR department congratulated retired employees who worked at the company earlier and provided material assistance to them.