About us

ISHIMSKIY VINNO-VODOCHNIY ZAVOD, LLC is one of the oldest companies in the Tyumen region, it was founded in 1902. Today the factory employs over 250 people, more than a half of them are directly engaged in production process. ISHIMSKIY VINNO-VODOCHNIY ZAVOD’s Production Block consists of seven units. The major ones are wine and liquor workshops specializing in wine, liquor and balsam production. A special importance should be given to its own certified industrial and technological laboratory, where the unique recipes of alcohol drinks are developed, and permanent control for the products quality is fulfilled at all the production stages.

Alcohol produced by “ISHIMSKIY VINNO-VODOCHNIY ZAVOD”, LLC is a seamless combination of long-term experience, knowledge and carefully preserved production traditions. These factors stability makes for consistency and growth of demand for the distillery’s products among consumers, which is proved by increase in sales volume over the past year (according to “Informational Portal of the Alcohol Market”, official web-site: http://www.alcomarket.info). Today the distillery is the second largest producer of fruit wine in Russia).

The company covers 7 federal districts including Central, North-West, Southern, Privolzhsky, Ural, Siberia and Far East regions, where distribution companies of “ISHIMSKIY VINNO-VODOCHNIY ZAVOD” work actively with the product. Active exploration of new territories is possible due to specially formed sales teams in zones of their responsibility, individual approach in the sphere of price and assortment regulation and active support in product promotion by means of various marketing programs.

Today “ISHIMSKIY VINNO-VODOCHNIY ZAVOD” manufactures products under the following trademarks: “Tyoschin pogrebok”, “Plodoviy bochonok”, “Stariy berkut”, “Tayozhniy kedrach”, “Sibirsky travnik”, “Tayozhniy lekar”. The distillery was repeatedly awarded with diplomas and medals for the high quality of its products at both regional and international exhibitions and competitions such as “100 Best Goods of Russia”, “Golden Autumn” and “PRODEXPO” International Exhibition.

Food safety management system is certified in accordance with Russian National Standard GOST R ISO 22000-2007.